Hot Holiday Tablets+

Apple, Google and Amazon… They all have a new tablet this holiday season.

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Digital Dashboards+

Google and Apple are making their way into your car’s dashboard. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH REPORT – LIKE RICH ON...

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Ebay Selling Secrets+

Ebay has been around for nearly twenty years now, but selling stuff on the auction site can still be intimidating....

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Apple’s New, Secure Way To Pay+

Apple is on a mission to change the way we pay. Instead of pulling out a credit card, you can...

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Nintendo For The Holidays+

Nintendo is gearing up for a big holiday season with the launch of some new games and collectible toys. NEVER...

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Life Saving Lock Screen+

By now you’ve probably heard about creating an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact in your phone–someone to call in...

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Gadgets To Help You Break Your Bad Habits+

We can all use a little help with our bad habits and Rich has some gadgets designed to help fix...

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Earthquake Forecasting Technology: How Accurate Are The Predictions?+

Earthquakes, unlike other natural disasters, come without much warning. And when they strike, it can be devastating. Now, scientists are...

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4+

It’s a big screen Android phone with a one of the best cameras. Rich has his review of the Samsung...

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Gadgets Get An Extravagant Update At The Luxury Technology Show+

The Luxury Technology Show is where companies come to show off some of the most high end gadgets in the...

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