By: Rich DeMuro

Field trips are one of the best parts of going to school. It’s a chance to get out of the classroom and learn something fun in the real world.

Every spring and fall, Apple stores across the country host students to learn and play through a special program called Field Trip.

“We’re making a movie commercial for a scary movie,” said Mallory, one of the grade school students on a recent trip.

Employees at the store plan out a special lesson to complement what’s being taught in the classroom.

“Coming to the Apple store gives these kids… a chance to kind of try out new technology,” said Jennifer Kennedy, a parent and chaperone on a trip. “If [my son] decides to pursue technology or engineering or computer programming as a career, then at least he’s dipping his foot in it now at an early age.”

For students it’s about getting a break from the classroom routine.

“Wait, it’s 10:36. We would probably be doing writing. Math, writing, reading,” said one of the students at the field trip.

The best part of the trip is when the kids get to see their projects on the big screen showcased in the middle of the store.

“It’s fun…” said Karen North, parent and professor of social media at USC. “We developed a user generated culture now where people want to participate in stuff and show their work and their ideas.”

Apple’s field trip puts a new twist on the fun excursions we remember from grade school.

Apple also hosts a summer camp for children between 8 and 12. Registration will be open in a few days.