Rich’s Favorite Things: Sparkup Reader, FreeDa Bluetooth Adapter, Sony Z3, iRig Mic HD+

Rounding up some of Rich’s favorite gadgets for October

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Fun, Useful Halloween Apps+

It’s the time of year to have a bit of a fright and some fun treats! Halloween is going high tech...

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Surf Air, The Netflix Of Airlines+

It’s the Netflix of airlines. Members fly as much as they want with one monthly payment. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH...

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Best Of: Interactive TV Features+

Promotional Consideration Provided by AT&T TV used to be pretty simple–A handful of channels on one screen in the living room. But...

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Best Of: Free Antivirus Software+

You want to protect your computer, but you don’t want to pay a lot. We’re rounding up our favorite, free...

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Best of: Fix Your Weak WiFi Signal+

Weak WiFi can be frustrating, but there are gadgets that can help. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH REPORT – LIKE RICH...

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Apple’s New iPad Air 2, Retina iMac+

Days after breaking sales records with the iPhone 6, Apple is following up with a lineup of new iPads and...

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Apps To Know: Wineglass, Horizon, Reddit AMA, And Storehouse+

Hundreds of new apps hit the stores every month and we’re on the lookout to find ones worth downloading. NEVER...

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“Ollie” RC Robot Jumps, Spins+

A new connected toy combines the fun of robotics with the excitement of skateboarding. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH REPORT –...

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Windows 10 Preview: One Operating System Tailored For All Devices+

Microsoft recently previewed its next generation operating system (OS) and they’re calling it Windows 10. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH REPORT...

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